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If you are using a Speedgoat I/O module, contact Speedgoat technical support:

If you want to determine what PCI boards are installed in your Simulink® Real-Time™ system, in the MATLAB® Command Window, type:

tg = slrt;
getPCIInfo(tg, 'all')
List of installed PCI devices:

Intel                    Unknown
     Bus 0, Slot 0, IRQ 0
     Host Bridge
     VendorID 0x8086, DeviceID 0x1130, 
          SubVendorID 0x8086, SubDeviceID 0x4532
Measurement Computing    PCI-DIO24
     Bus 1, Slot 11, IRQ 10
     DI DO
     VendorID 0x1307, DeviceID 0x0028, 
          SubVendorID 0x1307, SubDeviceID 0x0028
     A/D Chan: 0, D/A Chan: 0, DIO Chan: 24
     Released in: R14SP2 or Earlier

If you want to use multiple boards of a particular type in your system, check that the I/O driver supports multiple boards. In the documentation for this board type, see the “Multiple board support” entry.

If the board type supports multiple boards, and you installed these boards in the Simulink Real-Time system, select a particular board:

  1. In the PCI devices display, record the contents of the Bus and Slot columns of the PCI device in which you are interested.

  2. Enter the bus and slot numbers as vectors into the PCI Slot parameter of the PCI device. For example:

    [1 9]

    1 is the bus number and 9 is the slot number.

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