Faulty BIOS Settings on Target Computer


If you are using a Speedgoat target machine, contact Speedgoat technical support:

The BIOS settings of a target computer influence how the target computer works. If you experience problems when using the Simulink® Real-Time™ software, check the system BIOS settings of the target computer.

Faulty BIOS settings can cause issues.

  • Why is my target not starting?

  • Why can SimulinkRealTime.targetgetPCIInfo detect PCI boards, but autosearch -l cannot?

  • Why do my standalone real-time applications run on some target computers, but not on others?

  • Why is my target computer halting when downloading real-time applications?

  • Why is my start time slow?

  • Why is my real-time application not running in real time?

  • Why are my USB ports not working?

The Simulink Real-Time product does not control these settings. See BIOS Settings.

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