Failed Communication Between Development and Target Computers

To test the communication link between the development and target computers, use these MATLAB® commands from the development computer

  • slrtpingtarget — The slrtpingtarget command performs a basic communication check between the development and target computers. This command returns success only if the Simulink® Real-Time™ kernel is loaded and running and the development and target computers are linked. Use this command for a quick check of the communication between the development and target computers.

  • slrttest — The slrttest command performs a series of tests on your Simulink Real-Time system. These tests range from performing a basic link check to building and running real-time applications. At the end of each test, the command returns an OK or failure message. If the test is inappropriate for your setup, the command returns a SKIPPED message. Use this command for a thorough check of your Simulink Real-Time installation.

Link errors can also occur in the following instances:

  • The target computer is running an old Simulink Real-Time boot kernel that is not synchronized with the Simulink Real-Time release installed on the development computer. Recreate the target boot kernel for each new release.

  • If you have an active firewall in your system, you can experience communication errors. To work around this issue, add the MATLAB interface to the firewall exception list.

  • If multiple Ethernet cards or chips are installed in the target computer, see Timeout with Multiple Ethernet Cards.

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