Real-Time Application Objects

The Simulink® Real-Time™ software uses a object to represent the target kernel and your real-time application. Use real-time application object functions to run and control real-time applications on the target computer with scope objects to collect signal data.

An understanding of the real-time application object properties and functions helps you to control and test your real-time application on the target computer.

A real-time application object on the development computer represents the interface to a real-time application and the kernel on the target computer. You use real-time application objects to run and control the real-time application.

When you change a real-time application object property on the development computer, information is exchanged with the target computer and the real-time application.

To create a real-time application object:

  1. Build a real-time application. The Simulink Real-Time software creates a real-time application object during the build process.

  2. Use the real-time application object function In the MATLAB® Command window, type tg =

A object has properties and functions specific to that object. The real-time application object functions allow you to control a real-time application on the target computer from the development computer. You enter real-time application object functions in the MATLAB window on the development computer, or you can use MATLAB code scripts. To access the help for these functions from the command line, use the syntax:


If you want to control the real-time application from the target computer, use target computer commands (see Control Real-Time Application at Target Computer Command Line).

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