Vector CANape

Vector CANape Basics

You can use a target computer as an electronic control unit (ECU) for a Vector CANape® system. Using a target computer in this way, a Vector CANape system can read signals and parameters from a real-time application running on the target computer.

The Simulink® Real-Time™ software supports polling and event driven modes for data acquisition. Polling mode data acquisition is straightforward. Event mode data acquisition requires additional settings (see Event Mode Data Acquisition).

    Note:   This documentation describes how to configure Simulink Real-Time and Vector CANape software to work together. It also assumes that you are familiar with the Vector CANape product family. See for further information about the Vector CANape products.

The Simulink Real-Time software works with Vector CANape version 5.6 and higher. To enable a target computer to work with Vector CANape software, you need to:

  • Configure Vector CANape to communicate with the Simulink Real-Time software as an ECU.

  • Enable the Simulink Real-Time software to generate a real-time application that can provide data compliant with Vector CANape.

  • Provide a standard TCP/IP physical layer between the development and target computers. The Simulink Real-Time software supports Vector CANape only through TCP/IP.

To support the XCP communication layer, the Simulink Real-Time software provides:

  • An XCP server process in the real-time application that runs on-demand in the background.

  • A generator that produces A2L (ASAP2) files that Vector CANape can load into the Vector CANape software database. The generated file contains signal and parameter access information for the real-time application.

Simulink Real-Time and Vector CANape Limitations

The Simulink Real-Time software supports the ability to acquire signal data at the base sample rate of the model. The Simulink Real-Time software does not support the following for Vector CANape:

  • Vector CANape start and stop ECU (target computer) commands

      Tip   To start and stop the real-time application on the target computer, use the Simulink Real-Time start and stop commands, for example start(tg), stop(tg).

  • Vector CANape calibration commands or flash RAM calibration commands

  • Multiple simultaneous Vector CANape connections to a single target computer

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