Diagnose an I/O Board


If you are using a Speedgoat I/O module, contact Speedgoat technical support:

  1. Display the input/output behavior of the board by using an external instrument, such as an oscilloscope or logic analyzer.

  2. Check that you have configured the I/O board driver according to the manufacturer data sheet.

  3. Check that you are using the latest version of the I/O board driver and of the Simulink® Real-Time™ software. See Install Simulink Real-Time Software Updates.

  4. When you run the real-time application on a different target computer, check that the behavior persists.

  5. When you install another instance of the I/O board in the target computer, check that the behavior persists.

  6. From the manufacturer website, download the manufacturer I/O driver and diagnostic software. Install the driver and software on your computer. Use the manufacturer software to test the I/O board with the manufacturer driver.

  7. Report the issue to MathWorks® Support at

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