About Trendy

Trendy™ is a MATLAB based web service for tracking and plotting trends. With Trendy you can acquire data automatically, manipulate it in MATLAB, and plot it using MATLAB graphics code. Since all visitors to MATLAB Central can see all trends and plots, you can tap into the knowledge and experience of the MATLAB community by reusing and combining trends in new ways.

Your use of Trendy is subject to the MATLAB Central Terms of Use.

Getting Started with Trendy

You can do two things with Trendy:

  • Create trends by using a snippet of MATLAB code to automatically gather data (hourly, daily, or monthly)
  • Plot your trends (or someone else's) to create MATLAB visualizations of any data you choose

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Creating Trends and Plots

You write a few lines of MATLAB code to collect data and another few lines of code to plot the trend. The most common way to collect data is to grab it from a web page using a technique called screen scraping. Trendy provides the urlfilter function to scrape one or more numbers off a webpage and the updatetrend function to store the data back in Trendy for collection by MATLAB. Trend and plot code is run and updated automatically according to your specification (hourly, daily or monthly).


To practice using urlfilter, try some of the challenges in the tutorial.