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Using SFFT to estimate blood flow from raw data given?

Asked by Shalmali

Shalmali (view profile)

on 1 Dec 2013
Latest activity Commented on by maharaj

maharaj (view profile)

on 3 Dec 2013

I have given an image file as raw data for a project. The raw data for a B-scan optical image (to be specific, optical coherence tomography) of human lip in vivo is provided.Using ONLY short time Fourier transform I need to find where the blood flow is. Raw data is 512*4096 matrix. I have absolutely no clue how to proceed on this? can anyone hel me??

1 Comment


maharaj (view profile)

on 3 Dec 2013

this is cheating and i wouldn't encourage you to do this.


Shalmali (view profile)



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