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MCR 7.16 download

Asked by THAMIZH
on 2 Jan 2014
Latest activity Commented on by Chocolate Warrior on 2 Jan 2014

I recently got a toolsuite that was developed using matlab software. The developer has clearly given 2 versions among which one can work in computers without having matlab. But when i run the setup of that application system is saying that "cannot find mcr 7.16". Later I found that MCR is a compiler that comes along with matlab 2001b. I want to know whether there is any step to get that MCR 7.16 file alone. And how to run my application using that MCR 7.16.

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Chocolate Warrior on 2 Jan 2014

You need to buy MCR (It costs about 3,00,000 INR). You need to have a valid MATLAB Licence to buy it.

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