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what is the meaning of code?

Asked by subha
on 7 Feb 2014
Latest activity Commented on by subha
on 7 Feb 2014
Accepted Answer by Amit

what below line represents?This is the code which is used to load digits which is taken from MNIST dataset.

Load Digit 0 is understandable that it loads digit 0 from the dataset.But what about the next line. what would be D?

load digit0; digitdata = [digitdata; D];



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1 Answer

Answer by Amit
on 7 Feb 2014
 Accepted answer

If this code runs, D must be a scalar or a matrix in digit0.

digitdata = [digitdata;D]

appends the matrix or vector digitdata and added D to it. Try this:

A = (1:10)';
A = [A;11]

and see what you get. This will clarify this.

  1 Comment

on 7 Feb 2014

Got it..

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