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How to plot real-time with nidaq, but see the entire graph as it is plotting?

Asked by Megan
on 15 Jul 2011
Latest activity Commented on by W Joey
on 16 Jul 2015


I am using MATLAB 7.12 with Data Acquisition Toolbox 2.18. I am new to MATLAB, and am trying to simply plot an input voltage versus time in real time. I am able to plot for some duration (say ten seconds), but I have only been able to obtain one of the following results:

1) I have to wait the full ten seconds to see the graph 2) I can see one second of real-time data at a time, and then at the end of the ten seconds the entire graph becomes visible.

I would like to see the entire graph from the beginning, and watch it update as the daq collects more data.

Any suggestions?



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Could you post some sample code?
Are you using the new session based interface?


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4 Answers

Answer by Chirag Gupta
on 15 Jul 2011

function acquireData
s = daq.createSession('ni');
s.Rate = 2000
s.DurationInSeconds = 10;
lh = s.addlistener('DataAvailable',@plotData);
% Do something
plot(data); %  plot global data
function plotData(src,event)
    persistent tempData;
    persistent tempTimeStamps;
         tempData = [];
         tempTimeStamps = [];
     tempData = [tempData;event.Data];
     tempTimeStamps = [tempTimeStamps; event.TimeStamps];


This should do the trick if you are using Compact DAQ devices with the session based architecture.

if you are using the older analoginput object interface, then you should refer to this demo "Continuous Acquisition Using Analog Input" that does exactly what you need!

W Joey
on 16 Jul 2015

I think it works with session-based architecture. But what if i want to get the real-time plot data?

Answer by Sean de Wolski
on 15 Jul 2011

Use a timer function with a timerperiod of give or take 0.25s (depends on how fast your machine is)

Use the peekdata function to pull the most recent samples and plot them all inside the timer function.

obj.SampleRate; obj.Timerperiod; obj.SamplesAvailable;

will also be your friends (in the timerfunction that does the plotting). I'm on a Macintosh without the DAQ toolbox and I haven't used it in about three years; sorry I can't be more specific.



Ahh of course. Your answer is far better anyway! I'm just dusting the cobwebs off my summer job for 2008.

Answer by Megan
on 18 Jul 2011

Thanks guys! Hugely helpful :)


Answer by Lee Stanley
on 23 May 2013


Is there a way to log the plotted data as well?




Add a save command in the callback :)

Hi Sean,

Could you show your coding here from the example stated above? :) By the way, is it possible to acquire and plot all the channels in a plot as well at the same time?


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