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UDP Send subpsb block error

Asked by Benny
on 17 Mar 2014
Latest activity Commented on by Benny
on 21 Mar 2014

Hey there,

i've got a problem with the UDP Send block in Simulink. Im receiving datagrams containing 10 double values each, doin some filtering and stuffs and sending them back to my smartphone. Well, its working quite fine but every now and then i get that weird error: "Error evaluating registered method 'Outputs' of MATLAB S-Function 'subpsb' in 'NAME'." Sometimes it happens if i click the run-button, sometimes after 1 min and sometimes after 15 mins... I cant see any pattern in that. In the UDP Receive block i changed the sample time to "0.00390625". This is the sample time the device conncted to my smartphone uses. In the Picture you can see the error and my simplified model (just Receive and Send and the error is still be thrown).

Thanks for your help in advance!


Perhaps the sample-time is too small, and the write operation can occasionally take longer than 0.00390625 seconds?

Hm, well...that might be an explanation. Im running Simulink on my notebook and i noticed that it takes some time to start the simulation. Ok, i gotta try it on a faster computer then. Thx for your help.

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