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Asked by James
on 29 Jul 2011


My algorithm is strangely not working. Please help I get the below error:

??? Undefined variable Best_Predicted_Frame_mov.
Error in ==> MotionEstimationV2_salesman at 99



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3 Answers

Answer by the cyclist
on 29 Jul 2011

Sounds like the variable "Best_Predicted_Frame_mov" has not been defined at line 99 of "MotionEstimationV2_salesman". I suggest you breakpoint your code there to see what the workspace looks like.


Answer by James
on 29 Jul 2011

When I put a break there it gives...

c: 1x1 double = 1
filename: 1x25 char = Best_Predicted_Frame1.jpg

No other detail - help.


check what is the value for the variable "Best_Predicted_Frame_mov"?

the cyclist
on 29 Jul 2011

It sounds like that variable has not yet been created. Can you trace back and understand why you thought it would be there, and why it isn't?

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 29 Jul 2011

Before you first assign to Best_Predicted_Frame_mov add the statement

global Best_Predicted_Frame_mov

Then, just before you try to imwrite() it, again have the statement

global Best_Predicted_Frame_mov

If that solves the problem then either you could just leave it that way, or it would give us useful information towards tracking down why what you had was not working for you.


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