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Asked by ECE09 ITBHU
on 6 Aug 2011

every time i try to convert some matlab file using any pre-defined functions in between i am instructed by code generation report error of matlab coder 2.0 @MATLAB Ra2011 that i should call function using "coder.extrinsic('function name')

is it necessary to call every time?



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Answer by Kaustubha Govind
on 6 Aug 2011
 Accepted answer

Yes, it is necessary to declare functions unsupported for code generation using coder.extrinsic. See Calling MATLAB Functions in the MATLAB Coder documentation for further explanation. Note that you should not use extrinsic function calls if you are generating standalone C/C++ code. This is meant for generating MEX-functions from MATLAB code, where all extrinsic calls are actually dispatched to the MATLAB interpreter.


hello, I have a doubt, If I declare an sub-function as extrinsic, I understand that embedded coder does not generate code for that, If the extrinsic function gives me a result that may vary according to the same input and it result is need for others blocks in simulink

how suppose the complete code will work in the processor if the code is not complete, as it did not generate the code for the extrinc function, it works so, or I'm getting consufe.

the other hand, I know that I should declare the type of variable in embedded editor from simulink before use it, when I declared a variable in a function, it name is exclusive just in that function or in all the file.

I hope you can clear up my doubts greetings, thanks

Variable names should be exclusive within their scope - for local variables, their scope is limited to the function, so unless their names clash with some global variables, you should be fine.

Did you mean to say that your code works correctly even though you generated standalone code from a function that calls extrinsic functions? Perhaps the default value specified for it's output is also the expected value of the function if it executed?

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