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Determine current format in command window

Asked by the cyclist on 7 Aug 2011

Is it possible to programmatically determine the current format of the command window? I want a program I am writing to use the "bank" format, but then restore the previous format when it has completed.


the cyclist



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1 Answer

Answer by Fangjun Jiang on 7 Aug 2011
Accepted answer



Jan Simon on 7 Aug 2011

As explained in "doc format"...

the cyclist on 7 Aug 2011

But as not explained in "help format". Sadly, old habits die hard. :-)

Jan Simon on 7 Aug 2011

The different levels of information in HELP and DOC are sometimes disturbing. I've mentioned this mostly to encourage beginners to read both. But why not encourage an advanced MATLAB user also?!

Fangjun Jiang

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