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How do I restore toolbox function

Asked by bym
on 15 Feb 2011

Apparently, I have lost the function corner() from the IPT. I have the function cornermetric() I don't do a lot of image processing, but am concerned that I only have partial functionality. This extends to the help where doc corner turns up nothing, whereas doc cornermetric shows the help page


2 Answers

Answer by Jan Simon
on 15 Feb 2011
 Accepted answer

There is no function called "corner" in the image processing toolbox. Therefore I'm relatively sure, that you have not lost it.


on 15 Feb 2011

what about

Never be sure of something...

Jan Simon
on 16 Feb 2011

Ups. Better: There *was* no function called "corner" ...

Answer by bym
on 15 Feb 2011

From the release notes of 2010b: New corner Function Detects Corners in Image

The new corner function detects corners in a grayscale or binary image. Corners are a feature you can use to find the correspondence between images.

So, I will "accept" Jan's answer since I did not lose it for my version :)


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