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save a plot

Asked by azarm
on 17 Aug 2011

Hi Hi,

i have a problem with saving a plot in a directory as a figure(.tif). I have a main function. Each time i run my code, the code reaches a directory, takes image sequence and make some outputs. What i need to do, is to save some output plots in a directory. I know how to save a figure, but it does not work for plots! (specially i have a figure with hold on and i make plot inside the figure and want to save it!)




It isn't clear to me what you are asking. Can you include code for a very simple example?

on 17 Aug 2011

i meant : print('-dtiff','plot.tif')


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1 Answer

Answer by the cyclist
on 17 Aug 2011
 Accepted answer

Does this work for you?



the cyclist
on 17 Aug 2011

If you can create a variable with the full path to the directory, which you seem to be able to do, then you should be able to use


as I said before. (I accidentally used double quotes instead of single quotes before.)

on 17 Aug 2011

you're right! It works.
Tnx for your help

your answer works, thanks

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