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How to read Facebook information in MATLAB?

Asked by Adriano
on 18 Aug 2011

I want to read data from a group in Facebook to make a statistical analysis (number of posts by each member, number of "likes", etc.).

How can I access Facebook to extract this information?

I would appreciate any information that could point me in the right direction.

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Sean de Wolski
on 18 Aug 2011

Looks like you may be working toward the one useful use for Facebook.
Congrats +1


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2 Answers

Answer by Sreeram Mohan
on 18 Aug 2011
 Accepted answer

I just tried a thing quickly !

[Object Status] = urlread('')

The Object should contain the relevant data which could be parsed to get the required info and the status returns if the attempt succeded !

Getting a good JSON object parser would make extracting information more easier though !

I tried using one of the file exchange submission here and it works smoothly with no issues !

Hope this helps better !



Answer by Sreeram Mohan
on 18 Aug 2011

Here is an API published by facebook

You should combine the calls with the matlab functions like urllread ..etc to get the data that you require !

Let me know if you need help !



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