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How to plot multiple streams of data in real-time?

Asked by Abdul-Kareem on 16 Aug 2014
Latest activity Commented on by Geoff Hayes on 20 Aug 2014

Through 3rd party software that came with a Matlab plugin, I am able to collect and call data from a file that is being populated in real time. The data being populated includes heart rate, blood pressure and ECG.

I want to know how to plot this live feed. It is being collected in real time, so ideally all 3 data streams should be plotted on the same time axis.

So far, I can call the file intermittently and see the latest data values in column format.

Thank you


Geoff Hayes on 16 Aug 2014

You could change the extension to txt and upload the file. Do you have any control over how the file is updated (with respect to update rate, removing old content in file, etc.)?

Abdul-Kareem on 20 Aug 2014

Hi, sorry for my delay. I can't change the extension or those parameters.

However, I am able to create variables representing the different channels of data within the file. Can't I just use variables to plot the data?

Geoff Hayes on 20 Aug 2014

For sure, you can use the variables!



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1 Answer

Answer by Ahmet Cecen on 16 Aug 2014

More details would help. So far, the only thing I can suggest is to check "drawnow".


Ahmet Cecen

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