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How to Read animated gif Perfectly

Asked by Frank
on 16 Aug 2014
Latest activity Commented on by Frank
on 16 Aug 2014

when i use the code like [imgs,map]=imread('xx.gif','frames','all'); and then show it with imshow(imgs(:,:,:,1),map); there are stains on the frame of the gif, I think it may because the GIF disposalMethod is leaveinplace.

How to deal with it? thx


on 16 Aug 2014

Yes, I still saw the streaks,Matlab Version 7.11 2010b,Operating system: Windows 7, Does it matter?

Geoff Hayes
on 16 Aug 2014

I'm not sure. I'm running 2014a on a Mac, and do not see any streaks in any frame. How did you generate the animation? Through MATLAB?

Frank - since the last set of code showed the streaks, could you attach one or more of the images as mat files along with the map? Just change the code to

 for k=1:7
     [img,map] = imread('2to1.gif','frames',k);

and return one or more of the imgX.mat and the map.mat files. Just curious as to what the contents of these files are. Do they include the streaks/stains?

on 16 Aug 2014

There's no difference among the methods you suggested. I will try update the matlab. thank you anyway. ^_^


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