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cannot fetch results from tasks finished without errors

Asked by Degang on 22 Aug 2014
Latest activity Commented on by Degang on 23 Aug 2014

I created 10 tasks and submitted them to a local cluster. After a while, the job monitor shown that all tasks had been finished without errors. Then, when I tried to fetch the results using

    job_output = fetchOutputs(job)

I got the following error messages:

    Error using parallel.Job/fetchOutputs (line 968)
Task with ID 8 returned 0 outputs but 4 were expected.
    Error in parallel.internal.ui.jobMonitorHelper>iRunCodeInCommandWindow (line
evalin('base', code);
    Error in parallel.internal.ui.jobMonitorHelper>iFindJobAndRunCode (line 200)
    Error in parallel.internal.ui.jobMonitorHelper (line 72)
        iFindJobAndRunCode(profileName, jobID, template);

How do I find out what went wrong?


Thomas Ibbotson on 22 Aug 2014

It looks like the task with ID 8 was specified to return 4 output arguments, but didn't return any. What was the task function?

Degang on 23 Aug 2014

A user-defined function that returns 4 output arguments. When I run that function using the same sets of input arguments one by one, it turns out fine. I'm considering the probability that the function might use too much memory.


0 Answers

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