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the cyclist

Is '.-' no longer a valid line format for plots?

Asked by the cyclist
on 7 Sep 2011

Formerly, the command

>> plot(1:10,'.-')

created a LineStyle with prominent dots as markers, connected by lines. In 2011b (on a Mac), there are no dots. I have to increase the MarkerSize property of the line to get the dots to show.

Bug, or feature? I didn't find mention of this change in the Release Notes.



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2 Answers

Answer by the cyclist
on 5 Dec 2011
 Accepted answer

I ultimately contacted MathWorks support for this question, and found the definitive answer.

It turns out that for my high-resolution monitor, the "ScreenPixelsPerInch" had a default value of 72, which was causing the plot symbols to be rendered in a way that they did not show up on the screen. The dots "existed", but were not rendered visibly on the monitor. (They did show up in the saved/printed output.)

I was able to fix the issue by slightly increasing the value of ScreenPixelsPerInch:

 >> set(0,'ScreenPixelsPerInch',76)

I put that line in my startup.m file, and all is well.


Answer by Junaid
on 4 Dec 2011

Dear Sir,

I am not sure for older versions. You still can use this format for line and marker in plots.

 plot(1:10,'.-') % is straight line
 plot(1:10,'.--')% is ------ kind of line
 plot(1:10,'.-.')% is o-.-o, where o is your data point.

I hope, I understood your point well :-)


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