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Time-Dista​nce-temper​ature matrix

Asked by Dinesh Durairaj on 14 Sep 2011

Hi all,

i have excel data which distance vs. temperature; The temperature measurement has been taken for every 10min; I need to plot the data distance Vs. temperature and want to control the time variable, so i can see the temperature changes with time.

Hope i explained what i want; if you guys have any idea to plot these datas..let me know





Jan Simon
on 14 Sep 2011

How do you want to plot the data? There are a lot of different methods, but only you can decide, which is matching nur needs.

Thanks for reply Simon. I need to plot the datas (time&distance& temperature) 2dimensional

Jan Simon
on 14 Sep 2011

Please explain any details. Have you installed Matlab already? Are you able to read the Excel file? In which format do you store the data? How do you want to draw a measurement with 3 components (time, position, temperature) as a 2D diagram? Or do you mea a 2D plane in 3D space? Or an time-dependent animation of 2D-diagrams? Which values would you like to display on gthe X-, Y- and if wanted the Z-axes? Colors? Points, lines, planes, or volume visualization?
Dinesh, the people in this forum can help to solve your problem, but it is your turn to find out, what your problem is. So please edit your question and insert the necessary details - do not append them as a comment.



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