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How to set up c++ mex at matlab 2010b

Asked by Bonghun

Bonghun (view profile)

on 22 Sep 2011

I would like to use a s-fuction which programed by c++. Actually, this C++ s-function doesn't have a problem because S-function used the previbous project and it didn't changed.

I'd like to use this S-function at my laptop. I installed matlab 2010b and Window7.

I tried to set up the mex complier at matlab and installed C compliers, Visual C++ 2010 and 2008.

I run the command( >> mex -setup ) and selected a C++ complier but my matlab doesn't work.

When I compiled the s-function program, I saw below error.

>> mex yaskawa.c yaskawa.c(25) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'simstruc.h': No such file or directory

C:\PROGRA~1\MATLAB\R2010B\BIN\MEX.PL: Error: Compile of 'yaskawa.c' failed. 

??? Error using ==> mex at 208 Unable to complete successfully.

Please let me know the solution. Thank your very much.



Bonghun (view profile)


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2 Answers

Answer by Jan Simon

Jan Simon (view profile)

on 22 Sep 2011

The error message is:

 Cannot open include file: 'simstruc.h'

This does not look like there is a problem with the compiler, but that this file cannot be found. Is it in the current folder?


Jan Simon

Jan Simon (view profile)

Answer by Kaustubha Govind

Kaustubha Govind (view profile)

on 23 Sep 2011

This looks like Bug #661855. There is a patch attached to the bug report that should fix the issue.


Kaustubha Govind

Kaustubha Govind (view profile)

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