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error running at fist instant

Asked by FIR
on 20 Oct 2011

i have a code for performing ebcot compression..I have to perform for low,high,vertical,diagonal coefficient





A-low pass filter

H-high pass filter


if i run this code ,I get an error

Error in ==> er at


but,if i comment first line and run,i get the result for other three,if i do not comment i get this error.....

please suggest some idea


on 20 Oct 2011

only where A is

We need the exact message.

on 21 Oct 2011

sir ,I changed those A letters to another letter B ,IT WORKS NOW


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1 Answer

Answer by Ashish Uthama
on 17 Sep 2012

"sir ,I changed those A letters to another letter B ,IT WORKS NOW"


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