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Jan Simon

Problems to reach

Asked by Jan Simon
on 20 Oct 2011

I cannot reach for about 2 weeks. I'm missing the online documentation very much.

The error message is cute: The browser is forwarded automatically to, where I am told:

Page Not Found

 We apologize for the inconvenience. The link you followed is no longer valid. The MathWorks Web site is continually being updated, and we have either removed or relocated the page that you requested. 

I really hope, that has neither been removed nor relocated. Does somebody know when it might re-appear?


20-Oct-2011 Fixed colon typo. Even the link on top of this window forwards me to the error page at the German

21-Oct-2011 I've tried to contact TMW using the "inform the webmaster" link on the error page. Unfortunately the mail server of MathWorks cannot deliver mails to webmaster(at)mathworks dot com because the user is unknwon.

23-Oct-2011 I'm forwarded to the UK-Error page when I try to follow this link:

But this works:

The problem concern the standard installation of Firefox 7.0.1, no plugsins, noScript disabled. It works with the Internet Explorer!

24-Oct-2011 Solved! The problem concered only me and only the pages. The smallest intersection set are my cookies. Deleting all cookies let the problem disappear.

Afterwards I could not use my password (written on real paper!) to login into my MathWorks account. But after asking for a new one, I'm a full member of the internet again.

26-Oct-2011 Unsolved again. Now I get the "The page you were looking for doesn't exist." page when I try to get Today even deleting the cookies does not help. Again my MathWorks account password got invalid and I had to ask for a new one.

I could reach this page through -> Choosing a specific link in "Recent questions" -> My Questions. But hitting the "Answers" link in the top of the page claims, that the page does not exist again.


No problem for me to access from within US during the past two weeks.

the cyclist
on 26 Oct 2011

Jan, I am experiencing the same problem as you describe in your edit of 26-Oct-2011, so it seems that that is not just you.

The problem that Jan described in his 26-Oct-2011 edit is a MATLAB-Answers-wide issue that we are working to resolve.

It is unrelated to his earlier problem.

Apologies for the repeated inconvenience.


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3 Answers

Answer by Andreas Goser
on 21 Oct 2011
 Accepted answer

I know changes have been made with the way the visitor is routed to country pages. In our case, that going to routes to I am not aware about the technical implementation though. I actually was just interested how to have the old behaviour back, as I prefer to send .com links. I selected that I am in the US (top of page) and that's it.

I suspect, that your issue is connected to that change. Please send an email to webmasters at mathworks dot com with a description (inluding yor browser and OS info).


Jan Simon
on 24 Oct 2011 returned my mail:
<>: host[] said:
550 5.1.1 <>... User unknown (in reply to RCPT TO command)

I made a test and confirm the behaviour. I created a MathWorks internal help ticket for that.

Jan Simon
on 24 Oct 2011

Thanks, I got an email with the ticket and a suggestion for a workaround some minutes ago. Again I see, that living human are more powerful than anonymous mail addresses. And I like it!

Answer by the cyclist
on 20 Oct 2011

I have had no trouble reaching or any page at Answers. Your link resolves to:

which does not work for me, but looks simply wrong.

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Jan Simon
on 20 Oct 2011

Thanks. It was just a typo in the message. I meant

Answer by the cyclist
on 21 Oct 2011

It could be a local DNS problem. Have you tried to use the IP address directly? Does it work if you type

in the address bar?

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Jan Simon
on 21 Oct 2011

Thanks you again. A good idea, but no difference. I'm still forwarded to the German error page.
I ask TMW now.

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