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fzero help

Asked by buxZED
on 24 Feb 2011
y=@(T) I*T*sind(A)-(0.5*G*(T^2));
root = fzero(y, 0)

abouve eqation is for a projectile that projected at an angle (gose in a kind of ar half oval shape)

want to find the time it hist ground but fzero only gives me the biginning which is 0


on 24 Feb 2011

it worked Matt
thank you so much
and also ~ would allow me to use matlab in many new ways
thank you again :D

Matt Tearle
on 25 Feb 2011

Can I suggest using an initial guess of 2*I*sind(A)/G? Just sayin'...

Matt Fig
on 25 Feb 2011

Come on now, Matt! Where is the fun of solving the equation with your brain instead of making MATLAB do it?


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1 Answer

Answer by Honglei Chen
on 17 Sep 2012
 Accepted answer

The anwser is in the comments above

From Matt Fig

rt = 0; 
d = .1; 
cnt = 1; 
while rt<.1 
rt = fzero(y,rt+d*cnt); 
cnt = cnt + 1; 


Matt Fig
on 17 Sep 2012

Digging deep, Honglei! How did you come across this one from over a year ago?

Honglei Chen
on 17 Sep 2012

I'm helping cleaning up some old, unanswered questions :)

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