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Ian Jessen

How do I make a desktop launcher for MATLAB in Linux?

Asked by Ian Jessen
on 6 Jan 2011
Latest activity Answered by Eric
on 25 Jun 2015

I don’t want to have to open a terminal window every time I want to launch MATLAB on Linux. I tried to make a Gnome launcher, but it does not seem to work. The command I gave was:

 /usr/local/bin/matlab &

I see the process running, but now windows appear. What am I doing wrong?


3 Answers

Answer by John
on 11 Jan 2011
 Accepted answer

To have MATLAB open up from a launcher, you need to add the –desktop flag to the command field. For example:

/usr/local/matlab/bin/matlab –desktop

If that does not work, try changing the launcher type from "Application" to "Application in terminal". If there is a MATLAB startup error, it won’t be displayed unless MATLAB is started with terminal.


Answer by Martin
on 22 Nov 2012

I am trying to do the same, basically going in to the terminal each time is very inconvenient. Is there a way I can make a button to click rather than terminal?

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on 4 Mar 2013

got this sorted now. thanks

Answer by Eric
on 25 Jun 2015

If you're using Ubuntu, see this page:


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