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code generation: difference between grt and ert model

Asked by Carlos
on 10 Nov 2011

Hi all, I'm generating a target for embedded hardware. And I need the most efficient code and take up little memory.

  • What is the difference between a model generated with grt.tlc or ert.tlc?
  • In order to generate embedded code is enough to put these two lines in my entry tlc?

%assign CodeFormat = "Embedded-C"

rtwgensettings.DerivedFrom = 'ert.tlc';

Thank you,



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1 Answer

Answer by Titus Edelhofer
on 10 Nov 2011
 Accepted answer


for the first question: grt uses a larger memory model and is a target for generic use (as the name says) mostly on the host PC. ert (embedded real-time target) is using a smaller memory model, and optimizes better for speed and memory. To generate code using ert you might just choose the ert.tlc on the Simulink Parameters page.


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Kaustubha Govind
on 10 Nov 2011

To add to Titus' answer, there is some more information about how ert.tlc (Embedded Coder) extends the capabilities of grt.tlc (Simulink Coder):

Also, if you are writing your own custom target (or entry TLC as you called it), yes, I believe what you described is the right way to do it. In fact, the description in the documentation for custom target development does use ert.tlc:

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