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mean fundamental frequency

Asked by deji
on 13 Nov 2011

hi, how can i estimate the mean fundamental frequency of a vowel sound with a known sampling frequency. thanks in advance


on 13 Nov 2011

Are there any assumptions in relation to sampling rate and the frequency content of the sound? The frequency distribution or the envelope of the frequency spectrum?

on 14 Nov 2011

the only things that i got from the sound are the 3formant frequencies, the lpc coefficients of of period nd some figures, but i avnt seen anything that links to the fundamental frequency

1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 14 Nov 2011

When you know the number of samples and the sampling frequency, then you can assign a frequency to each fft bin. Pick out the fft bin that has the largest absolute magnitude, convert bin number to frequency, and you have a start at the problem.

But only a start, because the largest absolute value does not necessarily occur at the zero'th harmonic of the fundamental. You can do searches like looking to see if there is non-trivial energy one octave down, but there can be cases where the fundamental frequency is absent even though harmonics are present.

  1 Comment

on 14 Nov 2011

can this be obtained using formant frequencies instead of assigning frequencies?

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