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Running MATLAB from Excel - Matlab Builder Ex or Matlab Spredsheet link EX?

Asked by Thomas
on 14 Nov 2011
Latest activity Commented on by Walter Roberson
on 22 Jan 2016

I have a number of calculations to be performed by a MATLAB M file and have all my data in an Excel sheet.

The m file is not very complex (around 200-300 lines of code)

The computation needs to be performed from Excel itself. (i.e. we do not want the data to be imported to MATLAB). We need excel to run the computation and then update the same excel files with the output.Have a button in the Excel file that start the computation using MATLAB in the background.

I have read a little about both the MATLAB Builder EX and the Spreadsheet link EX. Which one would be better for the situation described?

Also what are the licensing issues with both?


2 Answers

Answer by Sarah Wait Zaranek on 14 Nov 2011
 Accepted answer

It basically breaks down to if you want the end user who is running the model within Excel to have MATLAB or not.

Spreadsheet Link EX requires the end user to have MATLAB - moves the data to MATLAB, does the calculation and then brings it back (and any figure you may want) into Excel.

MATLAB Builder EX makes a standalone component that you can use inside of Excel. Note, this does require the end user to have a copy of the MATLAB compiler runtime (MCR)- which is freely distributable if you buy the MATLAB Builder EX. Note the Builder also requires you to have the MATLAB Compiler.


on 15 Nov 2011

Thanks Sara, we have licenses for the Compiler, builder and Spreadsheet link EX. However I was taken aback to find that MATLAB Builder EX and Spreadsheet link are not supported on the MAC OSX platform where a majority of our development takes place..
I guess I have to develop this one on Windows..

Microsoft only supplies the ActiveX interface for their MS Windows version of Excel. (ActiveX is not common outside of MS Windows but it does exist.)

Answer by Chetan Rawal
on 22 Jan 2016

Start here for an answer to your MATLAB-Excel integration questions:


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