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I need to find difference equation and frequency response

Asked by Noel
on 15 Nov 2011

Given H(z)=(-3+z^z-1)/(1+2z^-1+3z^-2)

a) Find the difference equation

b) Plot the frequency response

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on 15 Nov 2011

Right. And what's your question?


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2 Answers

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 15 Nov 2011

Please see this previous discussion

However, it appears to me that your equation probably cannot be analyzed through these techniques, as it is not in the form of a ratio of polynomials. The z^z term is going to lead you to a lot of problems.


Answer by Naz
on 15 Nov 2011

Difference equation (I assume that z^z-1 should be z^-1):


Frequency response:

B=[-3 1];
A=[1 2 3];
[H,W] = freqz(B,A);


on 15 Nov 2011

The frequency is normalized to pi

My speculation was that the z^z-1 should be z^2 - 1 but that doesn't make sense with the leading -3 . So I still don't know what was intended.

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