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Edgar Muhumuza

Activation key

Asked by Edgar Muhumuza
on 17 Nov 2011
Latest activity Commented on by Andrew Newell
on 17 Mar 2015

is it possible for me to get my actvation key? because i think i misplaced it. though i have my setup



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2 Answers

Answer by Andrew Newell
on 17 Nov 2011

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Yan Fei
on 4 Apr 2013

After I clicked "Get License File" button, and selected the release, it still ask for the activation key.

Answer by Haluk Kahraman
on 15 Mar 2015

ı can not found my Activation Key number please help me

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Andrew Newell
on 17 Mar 2015

If the link I provided above doesn't help, you should contact Mathworks Support - or your system administrator, if you have one.

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