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Is DSP 28035 supported by MATLAB 2011a?

Asked by David
on 20 Nov 2011

Hi I´m trying to connect my Texas Board, TMS320C2000 with DSP 28035. I´m using the 2011a version of Matlab, and I think that this version doesn´t suppor my DSP. Can anyone confirm me that? Also, I´d like to know if version 2011b gives support to this DSP.

Thank you very much!

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on 20 Nov 2011

I would ask manufacturer of the board


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3 Answers

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 20 Nov 2011

Is that the board named Piccolo F28035 ? If so then it is supported in current 2011b at least (I didn't check back to 2011a)


I found some suggestion that the F28035 was supported by 2010b, but tracking back through releases is not easy.

There is a specific C2000 email contact listed at

Are you sure it is supported in 2011b throguh CCS4? I tried it but it doesn't work.

Sorry, I only know what I can dig out with Google; I do not have the appropriate toolboxes or hardware.

Answer by David
on 20 Nov 2011

My hardware is: TMS320C2000 and the DSP is F28035 (I mean, the control card that I plug in). The next link may help you:§ionId=95&tabId=1533&family=mcu

Actually, I´m using 2011a now, so I´d like you to check if my version of Matlab allows me to run my program created in simulink

Sincerely, than you very much


Answer by David
on 20 Nov 2011

Hi again! I think that my post is not too clear. I mean: In my instalation folder, there aren´t any file named DSP2803x.h, however, there are many files like DSP2033x.h My question is: Is there any file (headers and source code) for DSP28035, which allows me to compile every projects? Please, help me, because it´s a critical topic to think about, because we have DSP28035 and 2011a, so I wouldn´t like to change without being really sure

Thank you!

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Sorry, I do not have access to that toolbox or those MATLAB versions; I can only dig through the MATLAB web site. The contact address I referred you to earlier would probably be able to assist you.

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