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PV array design

Asked by Muruganandham Subramanian on 7 Dec 2011


    I would like to design Photovoltaic array for 33 kilo watt.

Should I have to write Matlab Sript file or to design with Model.

Which is best? And give me suggestion to design in best way.

         Thank you!!!!


Hi mohammed,
I tried with models, but, it takes more time to run the model.

on 7 Dec 2011

You are right. Because of using differential elements (L,C) speed is too low. If speed is important, modeling is better. if other person Knows about this, I am also interested to see his/her answer.

on 27 Dec 2011

I have done this simulation ,but as you told the speed is too low,specially in simscape ...


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1 Answer

Answer by Hossein
on 15 Dec 2011

why you don't use the simscape model?


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