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PV array design

Asked by Muruganandham Subramanian on 7 Dec 2011


    I would like to design Photovoltaic array for 33 kilo watt.

Should I have to write Matlab Sript file or to design with Model.

Which is best? And give me suggestion to design in best way.

         Thank you!!!!


Hi mohammed,
I tried with models, but, it takes more time to run the model.

You are right. Because of using differential elements (L,C) speed is too low. If speed is important, modeling is better. if other person Knows about this, I am also interested to see his/her answer.

on 27 Dec 2011

I have done this simulation ,but as you told the speed is too low,specially in simscape ...


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1 Answer

Answer by Hossein
on 15 Dec 2011

why you don't use the simscape model?


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