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problem in using symbols

Asked by omnia
on 7 Dec 2011

Hi everyone I have a problem in my program. I have a symbol called 'f' in an equation when I write (3*10^-12)/(1-f) it is written in the command window as '1/(1237940039285380274899124224/3713820117856141-1237940039285380274899124224/3713820117856141*f_ES)'which is the same value but in much complex form. How can I make the program write it in the simple form? I use this equation in the remaining of the program and it become much harder to follow and calculate.





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1 Answer

Answer by Paulo Silva
on 7 Dec 2011

doc vpa  %just a wild guess of something that might be useful to you


on 10 Dec 2011

try to do the following in the command window:
syms f
the result will be :

this complex form prevent me from following the program. How can I make MATLAB write it as the above simple expression I entered ??

omnia, use


on 16 Dec 2011

thanks Walter. It worked.

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