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reading .xlsx files and saving as .mat files

Asked by John
on 15 Dec 2011


I'm trying to read in .xlsx files from the current folder and save them as .mat files to the same folder. However, the files are not being saved and I'm not sure why. Could somebody please advise me?

Also it would great if the .mat file names had the same names as the .xlsx files.

Thank you

This is the code I'm using:

files = dir('*xlsx.');
for k = 1:numel(files)




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1 Answer

Answer by RNTL
on 10 Feb 2012

try ... [num,text,raw] = xlsread(files(k).name) [dummy,myName] = fileparts(files(k).name); save(myName) end

so the file extension is removed prior saving. i think you're overwriting your excel file.


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