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how to set cut off point

Asked by FIR
on 19 Dec 2011

I have set of data and i want to set cut off point for it,i used CACC ALGORITHM ,

but i do not get as i think

suppose there is a dataset

1    3   34   55  890
0    2   30   65  980
1    7   28    50  100

i want to set a cut off point like this

0-1   2-10   25-40   50-80    800-1000

just they are examples,i need the cut off points to be within min and max value of that column,there may be more than one cut off point if the difference between min and max value is large ..please help


on 19 Dec 2011

I need a cot off points for that dataset

on 19 Dec 2011

Can you explain what you mean when saying 'cut off points'?

on 19 Dec 2011

fo example say have values from 1 t0 100....for this the cut of points should be foe ex


these are the cut of points,it should be done by CACS ALGORITHM
so these cut off points should be detetrmined by that algorithm


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