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Resize GUI problem

Asked by Slobodan Djordjevi? on 21 Dec 2011


Quick question!

If I maximize my GUI, it maximizes. But when I click on a PushButton to refresh graph(new data) it throws me out. It still has the exact size, it just shifts a centimeter in diagonal direction.

Any idea why this is happening?


I'm sorry for a late response, didn't know comments go through with no email notifications.

I have my GUI guide set on proportional. I see there is a resizeFcn option. How do I set it, so that it would maintain maximized?

I have Windows 7 64x and MatLab R2011a.

I have multiple buttons on my GUI, so when I click on maximize icon it maximizes. Every button pressed works OK, but when I hit on refresh it exits maximize state and shifts a bit.
When I run it, it displays a window in the center of the screen.
The refresh button is the same if you use GUIDE's template Axes and Menu.

on 21 Dec 2011

Set the 'units' property of all objects to 'normalized'. Hopefully that will help

Nope, does not do the trick! Thanks anyways :)


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2 Answers

Answer by Aldin
on 21 Dec 2011


Imaš odmah na početku kada ulaziš u GUI (guide) opciju - GUI with Axes and Menus. Mislim da je to rješenje tvog problema.

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Pa da, znam. I to sam odabrao na početku. Odabrao sam i "proportional resizing" u onom "GUI options". Ja mislim da je treba učiniti nešto u vezi sa ResizeFcn.

Answer by Jan Simon
on 22 Dec 2011

Sorry, I do not get it. What is the "maximize icon"? The one on the figure border?

Can you post the contents of the callback function started by the "refresh" button?


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