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huda nawaf

return of function

Asked by huda nawaf
on 25 Dec 2011

hi, I need two outputs from function , the first one is matrix , and the other is one value. two calls for function , the first call need the matrix and the second call need value. how do that? I built fun. with two outputs: function [m,n]=d(any input); thanks in advance

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Jan Simon
on 25 Dec 2011

The question is not clear.



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2 Answers

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 26 Dec 2011

Call the function twice and have the calling routine throw away the output that it does not need at the time.


Answer by Naz
on 26 Dec 2011

Let's say your function will have a name myFunction. As I understood, you want to pass a parameter to this function and get two output variables from it.

To call the function you use the following syntax:


To build your own function crate a file->new, paste this code and save as a separate file:

function [ M n ] = myFunction(inputParameter)

The function will return matrix 'M' 10x10 of ones and 'n' will be your input scaled by 5.



I got just M, what about n?
when I call this function from another program , how get n?

In both places, call it as

[M, n] = myFunction(inputParameter);

and throw away which ever one of M or n you are not interested in at the time.

Your sentence about "two calls for function, the first call need the matrix and the second call need value" does indicate that there are two different calls, right?

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