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mmm ssss

how can i implement the global and adaptive local threshold on grayscale image in matalb?

Asked by mmm ssss
on 31 Dec 2011

please ,how can i calculate the global and adaptive local threshold for the grayscale image using matlab ?


on 31 Dec 2011

I have one algorithm that works good for images with relatively uniform background. For example, it would work great for contrasting images of eye retina. What kind of images do you need to work with?

i have images for hand-dorsal veins.

is your algorithm will be suitable to these images or not?



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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 1 Jan 2012

There are a variety of ways to find a threshold, from the Otsu method (bwthresh) to the triangle method, to an interactive manual method that I've uploaded to



i sent you a message ,and i will wait your reply.

My email is just a spam catcher account. I can't reply or accept attachments. Post your image to Have you tried adpathisteq? After doing that you can use a global threshold but it would have the effect of a local threshold since the output image has its output value adjusted for every pixel.

i posted image to

i tried also adapthisteq but the image still need processing.

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