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EX-Stream package

Asked by Dinesh Durairaj on 10 Jan 2012


I am looking for the EX-Stream package which is used for calculation of fluid flux; where to find this tools?

Please help me out





3 Answers

Answer by Tanmay
on 29 Jan 2012

Are you talking about Xsteam?? Xsteam is used to link steam table in MATLAB!


Answer by Walter Roberson
on 29 Jan 2012

It is here at page 56-90


Answer by George McFadden on 12 Nov 2012

Beware that the formatting is lost when copy and pasting from the thesis document. You need to go through and fix the formatting...


George, if you have already done that, perhaps you could make it available? (If the original author approved.)

I did not... sorry.

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