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Does the nprtool normalize inputs for you, or do you have to normalize the inputs before importing them?

Asked by John
on 14 Jan 2012


I have a question about the nprtool GUI.

Is it necessary to normalize the inputs before importing them into the tool? or does the tool normalize the inputs for you?

The tool gives you the option to load example data sets, such as iris flowers, wine vintage, types of glass and breast cancer.

The inputs to some of these example data sets do not appear to be normalized. Or are they? I can' tell.

Many thanks




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1 Answer

Answer by Greg Heath
on 1 Aug 2012
Edited by Greg Heath
on 1 Aug 2012

Typically, input and target data need to be normalized.

To check for normalization calculate the summary statistics

minmax(input) % Check for identical mins and maxes

mean(input,2) % Check for zero means

std(input,0,2) % Ckeck for unit standard deviations

Hope this helps.



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