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Seeking help with neural network problem - willing to pay 50-100 euro

Asked by John
on 19 Jan 2012

Hi there,

Are you allowed to post jobs on here?

I'm looking for somebody to create a neural network for me for data classification.

I've been "playing around" with neural networks for sometime now (8 weeks) for a data classification and have been getting OK results, not great results. The thing is, I just do not know enough about NN to know if I'm doing things correctly and if I can improve what I am doing.

Hence, I'm looking for someone to build a suitable network for my problem so I can learn from it and ultimately use the network and stop going around in circles.

I have all the data set up for training. I have the input vectors in one file and the target vectors in another file. So it would just be a matter of someone with experience who knows what the best practice is when it comes to creating networks for data classification creating a network.

I'm willing to pay 50-100 euro via paypal or bank transfer.

We can discuss the details in a private privately via email.

I know some people will think that I should not be doing this but I need to get this resolved and I willing to pay for advice to do so.




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1 Answer

Answer by Sean de Wolski
on 19 Jan 2012


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