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Mark Alen


Asked by Mark Alen
on 20 Jan 2012
Latest activity Answered by Angga Lisdiyanto on 19 Jun 2016

I have been using matlab for Natural Language Processing (NLP) for a long time and recently I have started putting together my codes as a separate package online for other people to use too (

I would like to extend it a lot and I am wondering what do you like to see in an NLP package for Matlab?




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3 Answers

Answer by jobormo
on 1 Feb 2012

There is any help doc? I mean, if I want to analyze a sentence (look for negative or positive sentiment or have POS tagging) what should do I? by the way, amazing information!! thx faridani!


Answer by haiqing zhang
on 28 Jul 2014

looking forward to hearing the updated news.


Answer by Angga Lisdiyanto on 19 Jun 2016

Nothing Matlab can to do, there is no function for Text Mining or NLP yet.

But there are several self made code from smart people about n-Grams like this .


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