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Jan Simon

Loren's blog: Best programming practice

Asked by Jan Simon
on 23 Jan 2012
Latest activity Edited by Jan Simon
on 6 Mar 2016

This is a kind of meta-question and I know my preferred answer already: "yes".

Have you read this: Loren's Blog: Best programming practice ?

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Jan Simon
on 24 Aug 2012

BUMP - Loren's blog should be suggested from time to time. And if you are on the way, the other blogs reveal precious information also:

BUMP2 - worth to be bumped again.

Moritz' personal opinion: Krabben sind so schlau wie Fische!


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Answer by Andrew Newell
on 23 Jan 2012
 Accepted answer

Yes - even contributed a comment!

I am very much in agreement with the first comment on Loren's blog. Clarity before speed!

I have also found the Software Carpentry site very useful for general insights into programming.

(edited for clarity)


Don't I get a pat on the head? Woof! Woof!

Jan Simon
on 24 Jan 2012

Well done, Andrew! If you apply the knowledge of this blog, you get a lot of cookies and bones inherently. Think of all the hours of avoided debugging...
Let me mention that I actually thought of pointing less experienced Matlab users to this valuable piece of information.
Then names of the users, who post a comment there, are not really unknown also.

on 23 May 2012

I love Software Carpentry too.

Answer by David Young
on 23 Jan 2012



Dr. Seis
on 23 Jan 2012

I asked a question that was related to the #3 best practice in order to clear up some concept I had formed based on a memory from 6 years ago. Nothing that would add to the discussion here (should have been its' own question) so I removed it.

Elige asked a question about row major vs column major order.

David Young
on 23 Jan 2012

I'm happy to give your preferred answer, because I found the list in that blog interesting, and well worth thinking about.

Answer by Daniel Shub
on 24 Aug 2012

In relation to Answers, I find Loren's blog to be the most helpful. Of all the blogs, I link to her most often when I am answering questions. From a learning standpoint, I get the most out of Steve's blog. I don't know what to make of Cleve's blog yet. The others don't really suit my style/interests.


Answer by moses
on 19 Dec 2012

i want to learn maltlab

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