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Nadya Amalia

speech processing (denoising audio signal) with wavelet transform

Asked by Nadya Amalia
on 30 Jan 2012
Latest activity Edited by Lisa Justin on 16 Apr 2014

dear people,

i am a university student from indonesia and now i am doing my practical work at one of electronics company in here. here i get kind of job which is given by my mentor to do denoising audio signal with wavelet transform. honestly i've never learned bout wavelet yet. anybody can help me, actually if you guys don't mind i need the source code, because i have to do it in a month. i am stil on the way to understad its theory anyway.

regards nadya



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3 Answers

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 30 Jan 2012

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Nadya Amalia
on 30 Jan 2012

dear Mr. Wayne
actually i need something which is more significant. the signal that i would proccess is non-stationary signal. 1st i would use an audio signal from any wav file then i would add noise to it (that's all what i could do till now) and then the proccessing with wavelet, and i could get back the original signal without noise. i also need to find the snr.

warm regards

Answer by Wayne King
on 30 Jan 2012

Nadya, If you have the Wavelet Toolbox, then all the code you likely need is available there.

See the reference material for wden for example.

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Nadya Amalia
on 31 Jan 2012

yes i have it sir but honestly it's more bout image proccessing and i don't really know how to use it. i am currently using matlab 7.0 anyway.

Answer by Lisa Justin on 15 Apr 2014
Edited by Lisa Justin on 16 Apr 2014

Hi I recommend you to read the master thesis on the link$file/BTH%202013%20Ibeh.pdf


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