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How to get the number of bin and bin edges from chi2gof test

Asked by John
on 7 Feb 2012

Hi there,

I am fitting a chi squared distribution to data, could some tell me what is the correct syntax to return the number of bins and bin boundaries?

Many thanks





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1 Answer

Answer by Vieniava
on 7 Feb 2012

Use this kind

[h,p,stats] = chi2gof(...)


NumberOfBins = numel(stats.O);

And boundaries of i-th bin are:

BoundariesIth = [ stats.edges(i) stats.edges(i+1) ];

  1 Comment

on 7 Feb 2012


Thank you - is there anyway to find the optimum number of bins that returns the lowest chi squared statistic? or is it trial and error?

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