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Integration of GUI with Serial Com

Asked by MrPuzzled Marc on 9 Mar 2011

Hi, is there anyone know how to integrate the code for serial com into the Matlab GUI?I have the code for the serial com and also the GUI. But I have no idea on how should I start integrate it. I seen some of the examples but even the examples cannot be compiled. Can anyone lead a help? Thanks.



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1 Answer

Answer by Jan Simon
on 9 Mar 2011


hi Mr.Jan

I worked on it and its really fine but I don't understand the usage of receive button, communication need not be manual for receiving data and i request you answer me how to send data simultaneously when text is entered in the transmit text box with out pressing ENTER, because some times we may use ENTER as a command in our programs
please reply me as soon as possible.

you have used only one history box for both sending and receiving data
but i want to use separately and how to clear data in history box, please help me out in that

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